[XML Records] How to create structure directly with "_"

[XML Records] How to create structure directly with "_"

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Published on 5 Feb by Afonso Carvalho
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Published on 5 Feb by Afonso Carvalho
I'm having a severe issue in creating a stucture of the the system.

The reason behind is that we have a massive XML which we receive from 3rd party which has Nodes variables starting with "_" sample attached.

Now when I'm trying to create a structure with "_" as a start its having issues to store... Kindly help me to create that massive stucture 

Hi Kayala,

To read nodes with _ you need to create the Structure Name mappings by filling the RecordXmlConfig.EffectiveName attributes with the name with the "_".

For example for the "_ALIAS" your structure should be called _ALIAS and then you append to the XmlConfigs Records List
Should be something like this (didn't test it):

Can you post a sample oml of what you already achieved on reading that xml?
It's easier to see where you did wrong and give you a push in the right direction, instead of having to create everything from scratch :)

Also the xml you posted is not valid, so I was not able to test anything. (Many tags do not close correcly. For example there is a </DOCUMENT> closing node ...but there one is never open)
Can you post a valid xml example?

João Rosado
Thanks so much JoaO