Passing parameter value to forms

Passing parameter value to forms

Attached is an espace containing the issue at hand. Please i need help in fixing theses functions

1)i want in the finalexam screen , the student name is already auto complete, so i want to achieve a situation were by on selection change of student , the student regnum of the firmpost is automatically assigned to the regnum textbox of the finalexam edit record.In essence if joshua is a firmpost with reg number 1234 , if i create a new student final exam, while filling the form , once i pick a student name from the autocomplete , i want his regnumber that was captured in the firmpost screen to automaticall populate the regnum field in the finalexam box.

2) secondly , please how can  sum the total of p1 test sheet and p2 test sheet for a particular student and asssign the value of that total to the C/A Of the final exam table so that when input the student final exam on selecting his name his c/a value is generated based on the condition i just specified.

Please any help in modifying my espace to attain these function will be gratefully appreciated
what is failing?

It seems it's basic outsystems stuff, so if you have watched the online videos you would be able to do that without any problem.
It seems to me just some queries after you updated the records.

for number 2) it's the same, just a aggregate would be enough?

@j, nothing is failing, i have gone through videos and this nothing to do withit. i am using OS v8, i dont have aggregates. please this is what i just want to achieve,i created an action as an onchange event for the student name , that queries the studentidbyregnum and assigns to the edit record variable of the the student regnumber, but it didnt work. when i select jay for example as a student name it doesnt automatically populate the regnumber field with jays regnumber.

and the second question where i sum the total values of p1 test sheet and p2 testsheet which are ofcourse seperate tables and similar to the regnumber requirement ,when a student name jay is selected his C/A score automatically diplays the combined total value picked form th p1 and p2 testsheet.Please i just need help in modifying my espace to achieve this effects. my espace will explain in greater detail