Interpret a File and process it

Interpret a File and process it

I am new to Outsystems and trying to find if there is an already existing solution or there is a capability to build a portal solution to upload and interpret files.

Use Case : Upload a file, perform certain checks , Show result in realtime to the user uploading the file and provide options like upload only good records, download the error records etc.

Please let me know if a solution exists
no, such solutions do not exist.

there are no common "checks"
what are good records?
what are bad records?
what file are you want to upload.. word, excel, csv, txt, sql, xml etc..

however, there are component to make life easier to upload excel easy.

Thanks for your quick response.

Checks should be configurable and modified 
not null feilds, date checks, format checks, reference checks etc.
I would like csv /excel/ text files 

Like J. said, no such solution here. You can use components to read files, but the validation of whats good and bad is code for you to develop.