Using Outsystems Now App for Only One App in my Environment


Does anyone know how to use/customize the Outsystems Now App so that it only logs in to one app instead of the entire environment (showing all apps)? Perhaps this has already been answered before?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Fadi,

Yes, this question has been asked before, more than once iirc, so I'll just refer you to the OutSystems Now website.
Hi Kilian,

I looked at the site but can't seem to find that section, can you please share the URL to the exact page? Thanks
Simply go to YourURL/OutSystemsNowService    and shut off all the other applications in your environment for OSNow access. Then when you log in, you go directly into your application
Thanks Stacey, this is great!
Hi Fadi,

In case you ever need more than one app, or an app that has it's own logo etc. in the app store, see this page. It does involve creating a native app (with reusing the source code that is provided there).
Hi Kilian,

I develop an application in my personal environment, but it does not appear neither in outsystems now mobile nor in a browser running outsystems now service. So I don't get use the app in my outsystems now.

Do you have some tip?

Hi Roberto,

Have you tried Stacey's tip above?

Hi João, I already tried that tip. When I call oursystems now service, my applications does not appear in the list Thanks
I had this issue a few days back - have you set a module as Home module in the application? 
Hi Robrecht! How can I do this ? Thank you Roberto
In the eSpace overview that lists all the modules of that eSpace. If you mouse over a module, on the right hand side you can set a module as the home module. I'd post a screenshot but I'm not at home, sorry. Hope this helps!
Hi Robrecht, I got put my application as home. Great. It works in outsystems now. Thank you very much !!!!!