[Network FileSystem] Username/password expired?

[Network FileSystem] Username/password expired?

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Published on 2009-03-17 by Matthias Preuter
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Published on 2009-03-17 by Matthias Preuter
Hi all,

I am using some functions from NetworkFileSystem (Directory_Exists, File_Copy,Directory_ListFiles,File_Delete, File_ReadTextLines) to processed a number of files. I read the text lines from files, create records in Outsystems and move the processed file in other directory)

In all functions (except
File_ReadTextLines) i pass the Domain/username/password as input parameters. The timer that process the files is working for all small files (<10k), but when a file is >10k the timer runs for hours doing nothing.

Is any expired time for username/password?
Why the function
File_ReadTextLines works without Domain/username/password? (i call other functions before with Domain/username/password)
Did NetworkFileSystem extension store the variable to a session variables/cookies?

Thanks in advance

Matheos Polydorou

For the File_ReadTextLines you also have to use domain/username and password; every action in this extension start by Impersonating the given user and end with RevertToSelf.

DoImpersonateLoggedOnUser(ssDomain, ssUsername, ssPassword, out ssError_message, out admin_token)
/* Do the action logic */

Kind regards,
Above code is for the .Net version; i don't know how it works in the Java version.