[Silk UI Web] Add an image in Data\Counter

[Silk UI Web] Add an image in Data\Counter

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Published on 14 Jun by Labs
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Published on 14 Jun by Labs
Hi, I'm new in this Community.

I have a question: is it possible to add an image (jpg) inside the Silk UI Framework Web Block Data\Counter? 

For example, to look something like this:

Thanks in advance. Best regards,
Javier Carlos

Hello Javier,

First of all, welcome to the Community.

Without copying the pattern to your own app and changing it, it is not possible.

There is a Silk UI pattern called TileIconText, that allows you to do the structure you need. However, that pattern uses an icon from the FontAwesome font family, where the box is different from the one you have posted. 

Best Regards,
Samuel Jesus