FeedBack Message is not appearing 

FeedBack Message is not appearing 


I have changed  theme from Doublin To LiverPool but im not getting FeedBack messaages for few pages .
i tried by recreating them but still they are not appearing on screen. What can be wrong ?

also i want to add timer to close feedback after 5 sec . how can i achieve this ?

Please reply me ASAP.

Thanks in Advance.
Hi Pankaj,

Is there any if condition before Feedback message? i.e. I want to ask have you put feedback messages in branching?
Just debug your application and check whether you are reaching or not till feedback message at the time of loading pages.

If possible paste your action where you are calling feedback message and we can help you.

In order to close feedback after 5 sec, you need to use Javascript timer which will refresh page after 5 sec. I haven't used that but you can check it on community. I remember one solution of it.
there is noo condition Before it. also i applied debugger and it is excuting FeedBack message as well but nothing is appearing on Screen. with all the other Pages it is going fine . 

Is it possibility that this page got currupted or something ?

Hi Pankaj,

I can think of 2 possible issues:
- There are javascript errors in your page. Use the browser debug to see if there are any errors in the console
- The feedback message weblock is missimg from your page. The block need to exist in the page for it to work. It is usually included in the footer block since all pages include it.
I recommend you comparing a page that works with one that doesn't and find what webblock includes the FeedbackMessage block.

Do you have 2 pages with the same theme and different behavior? See if both have the same header/footer/menu/layout blocks.

João Rosado
Hello Joao,

Yeah Its working now. I  have added Responsive Message Tool and noe it is working fine.

I have One question for you :

How can I close Feed Back Messages Automaticaly after 5 Seconds of interval ? 

with Java script i tried but it was refreshing entire page which i dont want. 

Please reply on it .

Thank in advance !

There is no official way to do it.. so I can't recommend anything.
The builtin current behavior is that non-error messages stay for 15 seconds and error messages stay until the user closes them.

If you search on the forum there are some topics about that with some alternatives.

João Rosado