Default values on New Record

Default values on New Record

Good day,

Table 1

Table 2

When creating new tasks I want to default the Table2.AssignedEmployee and Table2.ContactPhoneNo from Table 1 for the newly created Task.
This values should be displayed as soon as the create new task form is opened.

How would I best accomplish this?


(I know this is not correctly modelled, but it is easy to explain the functionality that I need)

Not sure what you mean by accomplish?

Just do a query on table 1 and fill the fields in the preparation in the newtask-screen?

It does not display the values on the screen.

It does assign them if I debug
how does the preparation look like?
I've got 3 agrigates to retrieve data.

I assign the values to:
Form.Record.Entity.Field = GetEntity.Field

Then End

The form opens and the values do not display

IT must be something stupid I'm doing :)
do you assign one aggregate to the form as well?

if you, you have to assign the new fields to the aggregate instead of form directly

thank you, taht was the mistake. 

I did not know that I can assign values to the aggregate .