Play video

hi guys. I would like to play a video from a URL that is stored in my DB. I would like to click it and have it open and play in a popup window. I would like to additionally have a video play on my home page when the user navigates there. I believe an iFrame might be one solution?

Any help would be appreciated.
depends on the type of video, but video.js  is the way to go to create a simple player inside a webpage. I have managed to do that quite easy.
Thanks. How do I put this code into my page or web block. I've had a look but could only find the javascript attribute for both pages and web blocks.
Hi any feedback here?
Hi Jean,

You can include the video.js file in your page/web block in the preperation using the AddJavascriptTag action found in the HttpRequestHandler extension
Will try it out and let you know. Thanks