I am trying to build a demo with our sap enviroment. I have followed the instuction but I can not found SAP in INTEGRATION Folder.
Can any body guide me to create it ?
Best Regards
Note : See attached image.

Hi Edgardo,

What version of Development Environment do you have installed?
SAP is available in
It also requires Platform Server (but it will appear in the Integrations folder even without the correct server version)

João Rosado
Thanks for your quick answer. I have will install and I let you know
Best Regars
I have installed it but now I got the message : " Feature not available. Platform Connect for SAP is not available with your current subscripcion"
I am using personal enviroment. Is this the reason ?

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Hi Edgardo,

The feature is only available in Enterprise Editions forSAP.
Personal Environments do not have it enabled.

João Rosado
Is there any external forge component that must be installed to use SAP or should it just work out of the box?

What are the requirements to use SAP ?
Hi Robert,

Some extra necessary steps are described in detail on the Platform Installation Checklist.
In summary what it's needed:
  • Platform Server
  • Development Environment
  • Download and install the SAP Connector libraries from the SAP site (see the checklist for instructuctions, step not needed in Outsystems Cloud Platforms)
  • Run Configuration Tool and reinstall the System Components (only if you did the previous step).
  • Use the SAP SLD Registration component to register your environment in SAP (see the checklist for instructuctions). This step is not needed to actually make it work... but it is required by the licensing on SAP side.
Like I mentioned before, this requires a Enterprise Edition for SAP platform license. If you are in doubt, contact your account manager first.

João Rosado