Sum Boolean Checkboxes

Sum Boolean Checkboxes

I'm sorry in advance if this is a completely stupid question.  I have no experience with this kind of stuff.

I'm building a little league type app that tracks player and team wins.  I have set it up so that I can check a boolean box to indicate a win.  What I need to do now is to sum the number of win boxes that are checked and show that total at the bottom of my table.

Any direction on how that can be done or am I fundamentally approaching this the wrong way?

Option 1 - Use a radio button with selection for Win and Loss and bind that to an integer entity attribute where a Win has the value of 1 and a Loss has a value of 0.  It's now very easy to add those integer values.

Option 2 - Use the count value provided by Outsystems after running a query with a filter of Win = True.  

Based on your question Option 2 will probably require the fewest changes to your application.

Hope this helps,
Thanks for the reply Curt.  I need some clarity (again, I'm brand new to this).

When you say 'after running a query with a filter of Win = True, do you mean something like this?  If so, where do I put it?
SELECT {Games}.[HomeWin]
    WHERE {Games}.[HomeWin] = True
In occurs to me that it might be helpful if you saw exactly what I'm trying to achieve.

Here is the screen in question:

All I want is a number at the bottom of the win columns that shows the total number of wins.