OS Process and Session User

OS Process and Session User

I am triggering a Process initiated when a user updates a record. One part of the process is to create a log with a field of who updated the record (that in turn started the Process). That field is populated by 'Session.UserId'. In my test there is no value.

So the Process can't use session variables (need to pass down to the process)?
Hi JC,

Processes activities are mostly asynchronous and never share the same session as the user.
They can use session varianbles but it always be a new session created temporarily and that is not presisted.

Now, the particular case of the UserId....
In this temporary session the Session.UserId is initialized to the correct user that triggers any explict operation over the process (ProcessLaunch, ActivityOpen, ActivityClose, ....)

In your case, if I understood correctly you are using a Entity event to trigger it, right?
Event operations do not have user information since they are totally asynchronous (triggered by a database event without User context)

João Rosado