Maybe it's time to add public bug tracker portal for everyone to report & track bugs?

Maybe it's time to add public bug tracker portal for everyone to report & track bugs?

I found a large number of bugs and have been reporting them to outsystems support and on outsystems forum, but I don't know if i'm reporting a known bug, a new bug, or has a bug been verified by outsystems, is the bug being worked on, when is the bug going to get fixed, has the bug been fixed yet? there is no progress report, no notification etc

There are other companies have a public bug tracker portal page such, facebook, google, firefox, etc

Here is firefox's public bug tracker portal (They use bugzilla! ....something similar to this would work!)


great idea. 
think I want this since I started with Outsystems :)

Yeah, with every new release, there's a list of fixed issues, but the issue numbers are internal, and don't match the issuenumber of the reported issue. That's really missing. Ideally, after reporting an issue, you should get a notification if it's fixed. On the other hand, there must be 100s of open issues, perhaps OS doesn't want that to go public :).

Hi all,

Totally agree that it is a missing feature, but it's not a thing we can do lightly.
I think the biggest problem is that most issues contain confidential information...its already hard at the moment to convince enterprise customers to submit the issues without having to worry that their issue will appear in public.

The support portal was a first step to have some part of portal for issue visibility, but it is still a long way to reach that point

There are going to be some changes soon on a topic related to this, so stay tunned. :)

João Rosado

What I would like to do is subscribe/follow my issue (and if I could follow other issues reported by someone else), I would like to know when an issue is fixed (very important)
It would be good if some other developers could read and comment on my issue, just make sure everyone is aware the information reported will be public! .. any sensitive information can still get reported to tech support (same as how it works today).

Wouldn't the Manage Tickets function on the new Support page handle the first issue if you started submitting problems via that mechanism?  


The problem is that as soon as an issue you submit has been handled (that is, it is either deemed not an issue or it is passed to R&D), it is closed. R&D has its own ticket system, and that's the ticketnumbers you can find in the releasenotes (and which are therefore pretty useless except OS-internal).
Kilian is right!

All release notes issue number is useless to everyone except for outsystems staff.

Implementing a public bug tracker will reduce the time and money spent on technical support, I hope outsystems considers implementing this!
The problem I have isn't the lack of a public bug tracker, it is the fact that release notes have a 1 sentence detail of the problem without the information to determine if it fixes a problem I am seeing.

The release notes don't need to link to the full bug, they just need to link to detailed information with "who sees this problem?" and "what does the fix do?"

I totally agree Justin. I've encountered more than once that a problem seemed fixed, but there was no clue in the releasenotes that it was. When I asked support for details, it turned out it was indeed fixed, but piggybacked with one of the solved issues...