Multiple Choice Quizz

Multiple Choice Quizz

Hi everyone,

Not sure if my question fits in this forum but here it goes anyways: I want to create a multiple choice quizz. The Quizz has two or more questions and each question has three or four answers. I´m fairly new to the Outsystems platform so I can say that I´m clueless on how to make this. If anyone has any idea or suggestion, I would be very grateful.
Hi Pedro,

First you can design your database diagram, do you have any scratch of it? 
You can start with some Entities, like:

QuestionPossibleAnswers (with QuestionId, among others)

UserAnswers (With UserId, QuestionPossibleAnswersID, among others)

And so on. 
There is a component in the Forge called 'Survey' that should give you a great start for something like this.  Just do a search there and you'll find it.
@António: I forgot to mention that I have the DB logic figured out, my problem is on the User side,like, how to structure and code the quizz but with @Curt suggestion I might be able to scribble something up.

Thanks for the help and I'll post here the result (hopefully :) )

EDIT: That Survey module is exactly, but exactly to the letter what I needed, thank you very very much