Read only to Service Center Logs

Is it feasible to create  service center user who have previlege to read the general and error logs. Any alternates with additional previlege is also fine, looking for restricted user who is allowed to view the logs
Hi Vasanth,

The answer to your question is Yes.

Now ...the how and the amount of minimum permissions will depend if you ate using LifeTime or not.

Without lifetime:
when a user is created he doesn't have permissions to modify or view anything.

If you want to restrict it more, instead of giving him the role just set on the Security Settings tab the ones you need. Think what you want needs to be like this:  (gives a bit more than just the logs, because for a user to see the logs he needs to be able to "see" the modules that the logs are about he must also see what eSpaces/extensions/applications exist and what they are)

With LifeTime:
(Note this is for the 9.0.1+ versions, I don't have a platform in that version to take screenshots or explain how it was there, It was also possible but the roles management was different from the following screenshots and explanation)

When LifeTime Users are created they need to have a default role associated.
So start by creating a new Role for just listing everything.

Then create the user, or associate that role to him.

This security model in LifeTime is a simplified version of the old one from ServiceCenter, so it will give access to read a bit more than just the logs, but it will all be read only as you wanted.

João Rosado
Add on Question, How can i allow user to have access to Monitoring -> Process Monitoring   ( I have tried enabling the "Allow Process Management" but no luck)
Got the answer, "Environment Health" enables the 'Process Monitoring' as read only to the user and the 'Allow Process Management:' enable to control the live instance.