How to find words

How to find words

I would like to find words of a text file.

I want to find 2nd word of every line.......
I'm able to track the first line but moving to second row and others its becoming complicated due the fact the value of other rows do not have any static location.

So can you suggest me a read or move to different lines of the text files....
Try the Split action in the Text extension
This is is not what I'm looking for 
The example below would give you the better insight of what I'm looking for 


This stuff belongs to XYZ
But I'm not sure if it is 
So are you going to chase them
I might chase them for now 
Certain that it's never a possible 

So based on the text above my results must show " Stuff I'm are Might That " - so what I'm searching for is the 2nd word of every sentence..

EOD -- When we upload a text file It must read the file and copy the above mentioned values "Stuff" "I'm" "are" "Might" "show" to the fields 

Man... I would create an extension for this. It should be much easier to create a function in .NET or Java to achieve this.
Not an easy solution imho.
it's grammar.

your example is strange, I don;t see sentence, because there are no dots for example.

btw, "I'm" is technically two words, so be careful what you actually want to achieve.

- define sentence, is that a line, or group of words ended with a dot, colon or semi-colon etc.?
- define word

that said, if you still mean simple lines.

split it up in lines, split it up with space as seperator.

Read each line, count the spaces and grab the text between the first and second space.
well the challenge is to move in between lines... 
I've tried newline() to move to second line but it doesn't seem to go to the second.
How are the lines delimited? Say it's LineFeed (aka chr(10)), you either split your text on chr(10) and iterate through the record list that the split creates or otherwise look for chr(10)'s in your text to figure out where there is a new line.
I've attached the text Sample
So every text marked in here goes to its respective field and I've highlited this text using  "EDIT PLUS"  so that we can view the WHITESPACES and LINEBREAKS 

I want to read the data line by line so that specific data can be extracted and imported into application.

again I've used "substing(file,index(file,char(new line ascii code)),length(file))"  but the difficulty is its removing the whitespaces at end of line and pulling the second line to first which makes it difficult to read the second line data 
Hi kayala,

you are struggling and trying to tackle the issue in once.
Please start simple and chop the issues in parts.

- splitting a file into lines, do you have it working?
-> How do you split the text-file? by string_splitwith delimter newline() ?

Well I haven't split anything so far 
All I knew was the length of the first  row  (e.g: Row 1 length is  50)
From second row on the rowlength is dynamic and I'm planning to differentiate from first 3 characters of the line.

e.g : if first 3 character is 01A the rowlength is 200  if 02A its 150 else its 120 (you can see it the image I've posted above)

So my logic was to first check the First 3 characters of every line.... and this is where I'm completely struck as I need to move to different lines.

Socoming back to your questions 

- splitting a file into lines, do you have it working?
only first row..... with the length of the line
-> How do you split the text-file? by string_splitwith delimter newline() ?
Well struggling to find out.. SO FAR NO