Bug found: importing mysql databases and refreshing a deleted table

How to reproduce bug via Integration Studio
1) Import the MySQL database tables and publish the extension^
2) Delete a table (any table)
3) Refresh the deleted table
(Integration studio will refresh the table and report that the table has successfully been refreshed, but how? the database table does not exist, it has been deleted, in this case integration studio should notify the user that the table has been deleted, but it does not do this!)

^It is assumed that you have an existing MySQL database setup the database connection via "ServiceCenter"


  • "Verify and save” and “Refresh” option is broken for MySQL Server (unable to detect deleted tables)
  • "Publish” button, is also broken! unreliable in detecting deleted tables, in most cases it will detect a deleted table, but there have been cases where a deleted table is considered valid and integration studio will publish the deleted table entity definition. 
Hey Robert,

You are right, I was able to reproduce the issue. I will add this issue to the backlog.
As a workaround you just need to delete the table in the Integration Studio.

Thank you!

thanks Lara!