Lifetime and Deleted eSpaces

Lifetime and Deleted eSpaces


I have applications that used to refer on our main eSpace ERP. But then I have already disconnected them already and have deleted them in the DEV instance. The problem is, I can't push ERP to TEST because these eSpaces are still present in TEST and PROD.

I will just manually delete these 3 eSpaces on TEST. But, is this the right practice?

Hey JC,

Can you please click 'Show Details' and tell us what the error message says? We are assuming the error is related to the references from ERP_COM to ERP but without checking it, we might be wrong :) 

Basically, you are trying to deploy ERP without the elements referenced by the other 3 applications. However, in Test, the ERP_COM application is expecting to have a reference to ERP which will not be there after you deploy ERP! So, Lifetime is asking you to do something about ERP_COM in order to have everything consistent.  You could fix this by removing the references from ERP_COM to ERP in test or by deleting ERP_COM in Test.

By deleting an application in one environment, it is not automatically deleted from the other environments.

Thank you for your feedback!
Hi Lara,

I was actually got past this error by doing a synch in the environments. However, this popped out:

Still awating for OS Support for the mean time.

Sorry to hear that! Did you try to repeat that deployment?

Hey JC,

This looks like a transient error, which might have been caused by a loss of communication between LifeTime and with one of the environments (Development, in this case).

Please retry the operation and let us knowif the problem happens again.