I am new and I have been watching and rewatching the videos.  I have been able to create most of the examples with no problem.  

I want to build an app that allows users to update their profile info and complete "tasks" inside thier account.

problem is, when I log in as a registered user (not as admin) I am still seeing admin info (like name address etc)

the only way I was able to see the actual users info was when I added a link to "my info" from the common area.  I want all the info to be displayed for the specific user. so if user "Joe@Joe.com logs in he sees ONLY his profile, his documents, his tasks.    How can this be done?  is there a filter setting?  I imagine this is a very basic operation, but I am new, and I am hopeful that somebody can give me a breakdown on how I can set this up.  Thanks in advance.  
When you log in, the system defines Session.UserId variable. You can use that as a filter in queries (Aggregates and Adv. Queries).
Thanks for the reply.  I got it working sorta.  now when user joe logs in he is seeing all his results.  however when he logs out and i log in as a different user getting the same results just marked with a different ID.  again sorry, new at database design.  if you could give a little help on how I can get this together.  

thanks so much.
When you create the information, you'll have to associate it with a user. Let's say that you have a Comment table:


When you want to see the comments made by a specific user, you'll filter with the UserId. When a user is creating, the UserId value will be Session.UserId.

Sorry for not creating a simple OML with it but I'm kinda busy at the moment. Please let me know if you have any trouble.