Highlight (blink) a row in Table Widget

Highlight (blink) a row in Table Widget

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May I kindly ask how can I highlight a particular row in a Table Widget?My concern is that in the event that the
user had failed to input a value in a particular row and to point the user to that specific row (across pagination as well).

Many Thanks to all who responed to my previous queries. Highly appreciated.

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Hi Christopher Bautista,

In order to accomplish what you descrived, one possible way to do so is to add a new attribute to the table source record - for example "highlight". This can be a boolean with "FALSE" as default value.

In the action that validates the inputs, all you have to do is set the "highlight" attribute to "TRUE" everytime that specific row is invalid or have empty inputs.

To finish the changes you must have a specific css class, for example:
.highlight_css {
    background-color: red;
In the table record / show record add a extended propertie to the row that changes it style to "highlight_css" where the "highlight" attribute equals "TRUE".

Hope this helps.

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Hi Rodridgo,

Will test it.

Many Thanks.