Not able to access the resource

Not able to access the resource

Hello Genius people,
I am using
"File_WriteText" action from "FileSystem" extension. I want to write content of Structure in a text file. For that I have saved one text file in a resource folder named as "TestWrite.txt".
When my action gets executed, it gives me an exception

"Could not access resource 'bin2\hidden_resources\TestWrite.txt' in producer 'CreateTextFile'. Make sure the reference is not outdated and both eSpaces are on the same Zone." 
I have given path as "BinaryDataToText(Resources.TestWrite_txt)" and
Text to be written is structure values "
StructureFNMA.EH_Id + StructureFNMA.EH_Iid + StructureFNMA.EH_Name + StructureFNMA.EH_Date + StructureFNMA.EH_ECN"
Please check the attached screenshot.
Note: I am loading values in structure using preparation.
Suraj Borade

Hello Community,

Can anyone please help out with this?

Suraj Borade
Hey Suraj,

The resources are read-only, that is, you cannot use an extension to write data to those files by referring to them as resources of the module.

I suggest you to use the extension anyway but use the file's path in the filesystem.