[OutDoc] Extension code empty?

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Published on 20 Mar by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 20 Mar by OutSystems R&D
I took a look at the Extension in this component to see what it would take to support Java.

It looks like there is ONE Action in it.

It looks like that ONE Action has...


All it does is initialize the output variable to an empty string.

If this is correct, why can't I just make an equivalent empty Java function and be done with this?

Hi Justin,

Actually extensions do not require inclusion of Source Code, Only the .dlls/.jar files is enough.
That is an example of one of them that is distributed without the source.

What happened is that by clicking in any of the "Update Source Code" or "Edit Source Code *" buttons it forces the creation of the default implementation ....that is empty, like any clean extension.

So, no the Java function cannot be done like that, because that is not the actual .Net implementation.

João Rosado
Joao -


I found this out by trial & error after making an empty Java extension. :)

My guess is that the source is not included because you do not want to expose to everyone how to pull apart an OML file in code?

We really need OutDoc, and some internal decisions here are preventing me from using the hosted OutDoc or just grabbing a personal environment for this use. :(


So that means OutDoc doesn't support extension?

Not even appears on search espace