[ComponentSpace] Integrating with an existing solution

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Published on 2015-03-24 by Carlos Rocha
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Published on 2015-03-24 by Carlos Rocha

I was wondering what it is that triggers the redirect to the IDP and how we can integrate that into an existing module to replace our login screen. We already have a component space IDP setup outside of Outsystems.


the application provide a web block with a button for call the IDP redirect, but you can edit the code of the application and check how its done and apply it to your application.  It only implements SSO at the moment but its easy to implement SLO as well, as you have access to all the Component Space API using the extension, plus you have the support from the Component Space team. You can test it with the Trial licence and then buy a full licence. 

The features already implemented include
  • screen for configure the service Provider (Entity Id / certeficates / ), and export the SP metadata, 
  • Import of the IDP medatada and select the default binding
  • WAYF support for multiple IDP scenarios
  • SSO
All of those should be easy to use and configure.

you will need to change the ComponentSpace dll before start using it as the included dll has expired
in order to do that you just need to change the resource of the extension in visual studio and publish the extension and the SAML module afterwords.

Any question please ask.

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Carlos Rocha
Hi Carlos,

Thanks for the reply, apologies for my late reply. The information you provided was very useful and I have now integrated the espace with our existing solution.