Unable to identify WSDL operation.

I am trying to make a call to a SOAP web service and I am getting a "Unable to identify WSDL operation." exception,

Does anybody know why am I getting this exception.

Hey Laazo, 

Can you please provide more details about your scenario? Are you consuming a web service that you are exposing? Are you getting that exception in runtime?

Hullo Lara,

Yes I get the exception at runtime. And yes, I am consuming a web service that I am exposing from a different module in the same eSpace.
Hi Laazo,

That is a strange error, expecially when just exposing and consuming it directly in the platform.
Can you answer a couple more things:
 - What is the Platform Version?
 - What is the Platform type (.Net or Java)?
 - Are you doing any header customization of the requests/responses?
 - Would it be possible to replicate your problem in a small eSpace ans just share with us the example?

João Rosado
Hi Laazo,

Just try to run your SOAP url in browser and check whether it is returning correct rersult or not.
Hey guys,

Thanks for all your replies. I am still not able to figure out what caused this error. However, I managed to fix this by deleting the consumed service and reconsuming it again. For some reason the "Refresh SOAP web service" command couldn't fix the issue.