Dynamically create column header values

Dynamically create column header values


Is there a way to specify the column header text dynamically on the export to excel in outsystems?
Hi Sello,

With RecordListToExcel, no.
Building a csv file by yourself, yes. Do you know how to do?

Hi Sergio,

Thats actually what I am trying to achieve, I dont know how to create the csv file...
Hi Sello,

There is one component in forge called CSV. Download that extension and use it in your Service Studio.


This converts any recordlist into csv file. 

You need to concatenate all the data into a string variable (columns separated by ";" and rows separated by NewLine() function. The first line is for header and after you put the rows iteratively).

At the end, you convert the string content to binary and you use the Download widget to get the Excel file what you want.
Hi Suraj,

I want to specify the column headers dynamically, does this component allow that?
Okay Thanks Sergio, Ill try that.
Hi Sello,

This component allow conversion of values to CSV file which you pass through RecordList.

In order to understand your problem I would like to know that how you are generating columns dynamically. Are you using Advance query or Aggregates?