How can I map my column values to each cell in the exported excel document


I have exported my text string in which the columns are sepaated by ";" and each row is separated by NewLine() but my values are not mapping to separate cells in the exported excel document. How can I map my column values to each cell in the exported excel document?

csv-files needs to be imported into excel.
it does not *always* do it automatically.

why not just insert it into a list  and export it as excel?

Hi J,

Is there a way I can convert a string to a record? I just want to create a record list with the values
Does anyone know how to do this?
Hi Sello,

Include "Text" extension in your eSpace. It contains one action called "String_Split".

Pass your string to that action and also specify delimiter from where you want to create record.

After execution, it will return you list.

Please check attached screen shot. I have given one string and converted into list.

I hope this will help you.

Suraj Borade

If you want to break records on newline, include chr(10) value at the delimiter.
Hi Suraj,

Basically what I want to achieve is to have my BinaryData map onto each excel cell after exporting. My data currently only maps everything on one cell, any ideas how to do this?

Hi Sello,,

If you can share your binarydata file and excel format which you want, I can help you else send me private message.
Hi Suraj,

attached is the excel file created from the binary. I need to split each of the colunm headers in its own cell
Can you please provide the test binary file also?
Hi Suraj,

The binary file is created from a string text which is created from an sql query.
Just run that action in debugger mode. Copy value of string text and paste into notepad file. You can attach file after that.
Will your headers be constant everytime 

i.e. TicketId;TicketContact;TicketCreationAgent;TicketCreationDate;AllocatedResource;CurrentJob;Date Created;FunctionalGroupName?
No, my headers are dynamic, they are not constant everytime
Hey dude, I am able to generate these headers dynamically which we receive from binary file.

Check this attachment. I think we can make that happen.

Now I have to leave the office. I will implement rest thing after the weekend.

Thanks so much Suraj.
Hi Suraj,

Did you manage??
I will update you soon....
Hey Sello,

Currently my Binary file contains two rows
one is header      : TicketId;TicketContact;TicketCreationAgent;TicketCreationDate;AllocatedResource;
second is values  : 339245;William;Jane M;2015/02/02;Gerry K;

I am able to read everything properly. But at the time of writing I am getting an issue i.e. values are not getting written proerly.

I am getting output like this. (Screenshot attached).

I have meeting for two hours and I will implement after that.
Is this how you want your output?

I have given input like this and created excel file like this?

Is this ok for you?

Hey Sello,

I am able to generate excel with headers as well as withour headers. Please check the output (screenshot attached)  and let me know is this how you want your excel to be generated, so that I can share OML with you.

Yes it is how I want my output, what did you use to export?
Hey Sello, 

I used Excel package from forge to write data into the excel.