I experimented with changing themes (Chicago, San Francisco, etc) and I always seem to get the same look which I didn't like.  How do I get back to the original them I started whcih was the default out of the box them?

I seem to be stuck with a very vanilla flavored theme which I don't like.

Paul Dwyer
HI Paul,

Assuming you didn't install any SilkUi theme from the forge then the default most likely LondonFixed.

You can get back to it just by changing it the "Base Theme" property in your Theme.
Also make sure that you didn't override the theme in any specific Web Flow.

Check this video i just recorded: http://screencast.com/t/HE1tcu5jR2

João Rosado
Thank you João. I kept changing the theme with no effect but then I checked the Web flow (as you directed) and I saw that I had changed the theme (and forgotten I had changed it) to Chicago. I changed it their back to the default and I got back the London theme. You were very helpful.