Problem with the anchor link

Problem with the anchor link

Right now I have a home page with some text and what I want is to have a submenu with the titles of the text so that the user does not need to scroll down .
I have already put the anchor llink in each title:

Now the problem is to get the anchor link to the submenu:

Can you help me?

Thanks in advance! :)

Hi Diogo,

check the SectionIndex pattern in the Silk UI framework to see how it's done.
Hi Joao,
I tried to use the "navigation/SectionIndex" but it gived me an error because of the versions:

When i compiled it gived me this error:

Try to refresh the espace references.
I dont have more error but it still dont work. I dont know how to work with the Navigation\SectionIndex, what i need to do in order to work?

Can you send me an example so i can see how to do it in service studio?
Hey Diogo,

You can try using "Rich Widgets\DropDownMenu" in order to generate sub menu and you can give links in sub menu.

I hope it works.
Hi Diogo,

As an alternative you can simply use anchors with offset.
In your menu "sobre nos" a link to an external url to "#sobrenos"
Then put an expression just above the title "sobre nos" with <a name =""sobrenos"" class=""offsetanchor""></a> with escape content
then in css just define the top like... a.offsetanchor {position: relative; top -50px;}
This css just prevents the title to be at the bottom of the menu, instead of sticking at the top of the page and therefor behind the menu bar.

Hope it helps