integration studio 

integration studio 

I need help about this problem 
when i create extension in integration studio and publish it  show problem about jar file 
and in resource file in integration studio this jar shows different way on another jars
how to solve problem and how i sure all jars in my extensiont right ???
I attach image clear it 
The jar file seems already missing locally, which explains the compiler error.
 ok , how to solve it ?? and add the jar in my extension 
Do you even have the jar? And who gave you this extension?
  I new learn in integration studio and how to create extension 
I create this extension in intgration studio without any action ,entities ,structues and publish it 
I note this jar create by default when the extension created 
Ok, so do I understand correctly that you created a new extension, and it showed the broken file icon immediately? What platform version do you use?
 no immediately  but after publish extension ,the platform version is 9.0


If you create another new extension, does it show "outsystems.nosnew.jar" with the same icon as the other jars? If so, can you locate the physical file on your disk (c:\users\rblassi\Desktop\NEWNEW\Source\J2EE\lib\), where NEWNEW is the name you gave it?

This jar is already exist in (C:\Users\rblassi\Desktop\new\Source\J2EE\lib), i attach image  to clear it 
but the problem this jar show in resourec file in integration studio as if delete after click publish , how to change states of the jar from deleted to included ???
Hi Rula,

This is decidedly odd, and unfortunately I have no explanation for this. We're on a .NET platform, so I can't check whether the same happens here. After you clicked publish, is the file still there?
ok ,thank you to help me 
i will search  more about this problem 
make sure that in the resources tab the jar is included (righclickt on the jar-file)

Hi J.,
i attach 2 image 
image 1 befor publish my (new) extension, image 2 after publish and i want to sure about this point (you should publish my extension befor edit source code ,and my extension should pass all steps from 1 to 6 without errors then edit the source code )
 image 2 after publish