Hello all,

As the course of my developments, I've encountered an issue that I would like to share. It took a while to understand it but I've managed to find the root cause :)

You can find a sample of the issue here: https://armandogomes.outsystemscloud.com/Sandbox/

So what's happening?

When binding an input to a value of a TableRecords row, I could not access the new value.

So what's causing it?

After several tests, I could find that the issue was caused when the extended property name was defined. The names were unique.

Why were you using the name of the object?

Because I wanted to execute some Javascript instructions to enable/disable certain inputs under certain circunstances.

So how to do now?

I'm not sure yet but I'm thinking of using "dummy" CSS classes for the same objective.

And what versions are affected?

Tested only on Platform Server and (Personal Cloud).

Please let me know if this is a known issue or if further details are required. I can also provide the Personal Cloud's OML.

Cheers to all!
Hi Armando,

The platform autogenerate the name attibute. If you override it, certain functions of the platform apparently no longer work. The same goes for overriding the id attribute. You indeed should use classes for that.
Yes, I've managed to use classes instead. It's working now.

Nonetheless, I thought about sharing these findings with everyone :)