Data base correct?

Data base correct?

Good afternoon,
Now in my universisty im responsible for creating the site to new candidates join the IEEE Student Branch ISEL, and im doing it in outsystems platform i have done the Data base and i want to have feedback to know if iam doing it right :)

Here it is:

I want to each Candidate only have one:
-Curse (CandidateCourse)

My BackOffice its going to be only the Course Identity thats why i added the Candidate Course entity because of the "Course year" atribute that i dont want to belong to the BackOffice.

The CourseType entity its static because it only needs in the records to have:
-Graduation Degree
-Master Degree 

Best Regards
Diogo Fonseca
HI Diogo,

Looks good :)

João Rosado
I Agree! The model looks good.

Depending on the listing and search fields, you may also need to create a few simple indexes. Perhaps over Candidate.FirstName, Candidate.Lastname, Contact.Email.