Format of Datetime and decimals when Offline

Hi I am very new to Javascript.  I have written a app that works offline.  HOwever, all my datetimes and numeric values are behaving funny.  If the field is empty it shows the "YYYY" which is correct, but when it contains a value it displays the default date.  If I save the record without changing this field it overwrites the date with the displayed default date.
The same thing happens to my numeric fields (integer and decimal).  For my decimal values it displays a massive value when it contains a value. My date fields are also not working.
(Please see attachment).  Am I missing something. Do I have to add javascript to manage these fields, and if possible could you tell me how.
Kind regards
Hi Sophia,

Are you using javascript to assign values at the time of displaying and editing values?

If possible, share sample OML so we can help you.

Suraj Borade

Thanks Suraj
I hope you can help. Fixed the format problem, I still had some format on and We were able to determine that a bug exists in Offline App the fix is as follows:Open offline espace, open javascript on OfflineStorageJavaScript web block, find "replaceJquery" function.  delete the code:
element.nodeValue = element.nodeValue.replace(getTimeString(newValue));
This solved some problems regarding the dates and times , but only if I used Chrome.  If I tested using IE the dates get displayed as the Default date 1900-00-00 etc.
If I can mail you directly I would appreciate it. Attached is a very simplified version.