I need to send a file and a set of parameters (strings) in REST. The content-type must be of type "multipart / form-data". The image has an example in Postman.

I've tried sending the file in binary, also recreated the HTTP request and transform the request in binary (like Box Connector) but without success.

Can you please help me? I'm out of ideas.

Thanks in advance,

Hi Cátia,
the REST service is external?

Try converting the binary to Base64...
Hi João,

Yes, the REST service is external.
And I also tried convert the binary to base64, but didn't result...
Can you post the errors you're getting?

The service is a public one? Can you tell us what it is (to look for documentation)?


For those who may be still facing this issue: I've published a Forge component which helps submitting multipart/form-data content.