New to site,New to this enviroment

New to site,New to this enviroment

I am new to this site and to this new Controller enviroment, I have downloaded the app but that is as far aas i can get. I need step by step instructions, posibibly with some examples. I need to know what you do with the serial port once it is built, what is the "key" used for and where do you put the "key" information etc,etc
I like the UI , it looks very interesting. Can you get at your personal enverioment 24/7? How about security on your server?
Please tell me all that I need to do to tryout this controller

Welcome to OutSystems Community!

If I understand you correctly, I'm afraid you're a bit lost ... you're talking about Controllers and Serial Ports ... I don't think you're in the right forums ... OutSystems is a Rapid Application Delivery Platform for Enterprise Applications ... 

If you want to learn more I suggest

Can you elaborate on what you're looking for?