creating email has timed out

Hi all,
    There is an email function in timer , as outsystems doesn't allow to pass list record to email, I write actions to get list records in preparation,it does work well on dev and uat.but it meets error on production, the error message is as below.
'Timer duration=100secs:Error creating Email , the operation has timed out'

Did anyone meet this issue before?

Zhou Shuai
I haven't. Since it works fine outside production, could it be a data locking problem (on account of production being used heavier than dev/uat)?
Hi Zhou,

Check -  whether Email functionality is getting proper receivers or not.
           - whether e-mail ids are valid or not.
Suraj - if that were not the case, you'd get different errors, not time-outs.

I know it's been a while, but adding this here for future visitors to this thread. :)

This is probably happening because your email is taking too long to render. Check this post for more information.