Dynamic pdf generation report/date filter

Dynamic pdf generation report/date filter

Good Day guys. Please  i am in the course of wrapping up  a prototype app,but i hit a brick wall and i have just two important questions namely:

1)How can i implement a date filter were i can filter Firmposts by year, this is becuase each student firm post class is ordered by year. so i hope to have a filter were onclick event of a drop down  for a specific year it filters the firmpost of the students for that particular year.

2) secondly and most importantly , i want to implement a dynamic pdf  page generation. for example if i select 2015 in the year drop down as explained above and click on the generate pdf  button it dynamically filter the generated content to print pdf for that particular year. In my current implementation,if i click generate pdf , it generates the whole firm post student data, i cant implement customised filter so that the pdf generate content based on selected options like the year drop down filter.

Attached in this post is a sample of the application , please any help with regards to this issue will be deeply appreciated and it would also enable me in my learning process.Thanks.
@tommaya - Well I'm going to give a idea of the way to generate pdf document for particular record

You can create a workflow based on the selection 
1. Create a submit button and post the values to different section
2. Assign the values of the screen to the fields and assign the every desired field to the structure values by using the REPLACE . "Replace(XML,"x",ClientEdit.Record.value)"
3.Once you assign the values you can create any report based on your requirements