Outsystems Now Problems

Below are the issues I am having with Outsystems Now.

I have an SSL certificate installed and installed outsystemsnow on the environment as well as my mobile device.

1. The first problem I have is when I connect to the environment it is showing applications I dont want to have exposed like outdoc and the one application I want exposed and only has a single espace that is a mobile espace is not visible.
How is this controlled and why are some applications visible and others not?

2. The second problem I have is that when I try using the GetApplicationLink() function it goes to the url and all that happens is there is a message saying "loading Application" and nothing happens.

I have gone through the documentation and nothing there is of any help.
Can someone here possibly help?
To add to point 1.

I went to the OutSystemsNowService and the list of applications is not complete so it is not possible for me to change the visibility of some applications.
You've worked out that you configure which apps appear through the OutSystemsNowService web application - now check that the eSpaces you expect to appear are marked as a "home" eSpace in Service Studio (open the application, hover your mouse over the row of your eSpace, and some options should appear including "Set as home"). Only eSpaces marked as Home eSpaces are included in the OutSystems Now configuration list, I think. You can also tell which of the eSpaces within each Application is the Home one as it has a curved grey arrow to the left of its name.
Hi Andrew,

Thanks. After a bit of frustration I figured that out as well.
I still cant get point 2 to work but I have managed to get a basic mobile app to work thus far.

Hi Ronald,

Where are you trying to open the link with GetApplicationLink? On your mobile device or on your computer?
It'll only work on a mobile device. Please check the documentation here to learn more about how to use the GetApplicationLink function.

Luís Silva