Having issues with views for displaying

ORA-01792: maximum number of columns in a table or view is 1000

How to overcome this issue, due to which we are not able to view the display pages of the system... 

Due to this error in the system we are only viewing this error  " 
An internal error occurred and was logged.
Please try again later or contact the administration team.

Sorry for any inconvenience.
It would help if you were telling us what exactly you were trying to do that triggered this error?
Are you creating a view dinamically?

This is an Oracle error, not a OutSystems platform error, so if you can solve the problem outside of the platform it will most likely work within as well

Best regards,
Hey Kilian and Pedro,

We have resolved this error. The reason behind this error was an aggregate which we were using to display data in show page. Aggregate was returning more than thousand columns. We came to know that aggregates can return max 1000 columns in order to work properly. So we split the aggregate in two different aggregates by maintaining all relations. Earlier our aggregate contained 30 Entities. Now we broke it into 20-10 and problem is resolved.

Suraj Borade