Integrate HTML forms with the Outsystems application

Integrate HTML forms with the Outsystems application

Dear community members,

Is this possible to integrate HTML form with the outsystems application?

I need to integrate HTML form designed in Visual Studio with the Outsystems. How to do it?

Please advice.

Suraj Borade


I didn't quite understand what you mean...

You need to use a form from a different application, as in a screen from another application, perhaps even other server? Or you just want to use something that is already made and use it in your app (the layout)?

Best regards,
Hi Pedro,

I have designed one HTML form using Visual Studio and want to use it in my app. So I am looking how can I use that form in my application directly without adding New WebScreen from OutSystems and then copy paste into it?

Hi Suraj,

You can try to use an iFrame.

Here is a example on how to use it.

Please be advised that you may encounter some issues when using iFrames.

Best regards.
The thing is, you can use an iframe but the question is why should you?

The best option you have is to simply create the pre-existing form in Service Studio from the ground up.

You'll have all the resources of the platform, and there is nothing you can achieve in Visual Studio that you cannot achieve in Service Studio...

If you were talking about using a 3rd party app from other server or something, the iframe could do the trick, even though you will need to pay attention to some little details, to avoid cross scripting and others problems

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