Delete link not working

I have input a delete function on one of my webpages. However, when i tried to delete a record after i have published, it shows an error which stated as the following.

"The DELETE statement conflicted with the REFERENCE constraint "OSFRK_OSUSR_Y9B_INMATESINFORMATION_OSUSR_Y9B_FEEDBACKPARTIES1_FEEDBACKPARTIESID". The conflict occurred in database "outsystems", table "dbo.OSUSR_Y9B_INMATESINFORMATION", column 'FEEDBACKPARTIESID'.
The statement has been terminated."

I have tried many ways to my knowledge to amend this error but to no avail. Please help me on this! 
Thank you so much.


Hello Muhammad

After this time this will probably not be useful but the error you are displaying has to do with the fact that you are trying to delete a record from a table which has another table referencing it.

For example, you are trying to delete record 1 from table A while having a record 2 from table B that points to record 1. To do this correctly, you either delete record 2 before record 1, or update record 2 to point to other record in table A