In the Add/remove Dependencies wizard, one of the e-spaces is highlighted red(even the references' names are red), and the message says "<consumer_e-space> needs to be republished. 

But, even after refreshing the consumer e-space, nothing changes, it is still highlighted as red, and any changes in the consumer e-space are not reflected.

How do I resolve this?
Hello Vinay.

I'm sorry that you are facing this unexpected behavior.

In order for us to help you with this issue, we need more information.

1. What are the Service Studio and the Platform Server versions that you are using to reproduce the issue?
2. Can you provide us a screenshot of the add/remove references window while the issue is being reproduced (with the producer eSpace selected).
3. Also, would it be possible for you to share both the producer and the consumer eSpaces so that we can reproduce the behavior on our side?

Thank you.

Best regards,
Rui Garcia

Hello Rui,

I've noticed this can be related to which refersh option you use (the refresh all button or the refersh icon). I just opend a supportcase for this (#2022100).

If you use the refresh all button it work like it should be, when useing the refresh icon it doesn't update the reference after a publish.

Kind regards,

Platform version: 10.0.408.0

Service studio: 10.0.613.0