Upload File Validation Removing File Location

Upload File Validation Removing File Location


I have an upload webblock on a popup window with a title box under it. The problem I am having is that if you click 'Save' to upload the selected file but do not input a title then the validation refreshes the screen which deletes the uploaded file location from the upload webblock.

Before save:

After save:

How do I have the validation run but keep the location of the file to upload?

The 'Save' button has the Method of Submit and the Validation is Server.

Thanks, Stuart
Hi Stuart,

Setting the Validation to Client & Server should suffice.
Hi, thanks but that still doesn't work. The file location still gets removed if the title field is left blank.

Any other ideas?

Unless I'm not understanding what you mean, I think I'm right. See attached OML for an example.
Thanks for that. I would like the validation done server side so I can add a custom error message which means setting the field to none mandatory and checking the content in the save action.

If I can't do it server side without the content being removed then I will change to Client & Server like you suggest.

Filelocation is "never" being posted to the server.
Due to security reasons I believe.
Nothing to do with Outsystems, but purely the browser.


Yes, if you really want server-side validation, the content will be lost. There's no work-around for that.
Hi, I have changed the button to Client & Server and set the field to mandatory.

Thanks for you help.

You're most welcome :).