Order Entity's Atributes

Good Afternoon,

When we are developing it is usual to need to add atributes to a certain entity...
with that said it is usual ate least in my project that in a entity with many atribute, its not easy at times to find those atribute.

My question is if there is any form to order the atributes alphabeticaly, or in another order?

Best regards

Pedro Domingues
Hi Pedro,

You can drag/drop attributes, or use Ctrl+Up/Down to reorder attributes in Service Studio. This will however not change the order in the database table (at least not in the development environment).
Yah That i Know :p but when you have a project with nearly 250 tables and 5 people developing  ... you tend to look if there is something automatic to do that for you...
It is just something that anoyes me at times and i just post to see if someone knew if its possible to do that Order :)
Well, in general it is best to order the attributes functionally, not alphabetically or something else arbitrary. Also, you should not let any developer design the datamodel, but have one responsible architect that guards naming convention and changes (and attribute order :)).