Creating Screens

Hi all,

I have a doubt about outsystems. I have created 2 entities.
Paises  (Countries)
Estados  (States)

But I found something strange happening, for entity "Paises" when I have created the detail screen Outsystems have created as "PaisisDetail"  and for "Estados", it has created as "Estadoes" and "EstadoesDetail".

Does anyone knows why this happens?

thanks and regards.

The screen names are "guessed" based on the name of the entity but the name of the entity is expected to be english singular form. Anything else might result in weird namings that you would have to fix afterwards. So if you create a Country and State entities, you will have the expected namings.
Hi Rui,

to be honest, I was actually expecting that answer.
Let me ask just one more question, this is just the way it is or is there any setup for the plataform to use the entity name directly to create the browse and detail screens?

thanks. :-)
No there isn't. But you can easily rename it to your needs as every reference will be automatically updated for you.