Solution's Publish logs and debugging

Publish of solution takes a lot of time (more than 2 hrs), which is annoying developers. Is there any way to understand the reason behind this. 
Is there any log (apart from Service Center logs) which can be tracked.
Hi Kaushal,

Which solutions you are talking about? At the time of publish in Service Studio or in Integration Studio?

Its a custom solution. We are trying to do a full publish from Service Center.
First of all 2 hours for a solution publish isn't much :)

Second it should not be done while there is developers working, should be done off hours, specially if it takes that long

You can use this component to verify the dependencies of your solution/factory

Circular references force the compilation to take longer, since it creates additional passes in some of the steps of the publish cycle. Take a look into that

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Also, a publish with full compile will also take longer then a normal publish...

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PC takes 3-4 hours to publish a solution. If it is a known fact that 2 hours plus is not much then i am speechless.

On your other points, we take care of those. Like no developer works in that time (which is again a problem), as everyone gets blocked. To do this thing in off hours we have to deploy an engineer specifically for these things.
We are already using Discovery for espace management.

By the way thanks for your response Pedro.