delay before executing certian logic

delay before executing certian logic


I am searching for the solution that can help me doing the following:

if a certain webscreen is called and no action was taken by user for a certain time frame, i need to execute some logic and redirect the user to predetermined webscreen.
i checked the timer functionality but it executes actions that can't redirect current webscreen to another plus i need to reset this timer for certain conditions, which i can't find fullfiled by timer.

any help will be appreciated.
solution would be in javascript, since no activity means no activity to the server as well.\

checkout setTimeout functionality.

Hi J

Could yoy reference some examples or extensions that can help as i am still newbie.
here is an example you can use.

you have to make i work in Outsystems yourself (or wait if I have time ;) )

i think i will wait if it will be for free ;)
For those who may come to same issue later,

I have solved this issue using javascript to call a button in the same webscreen. I found many threads explaining it but no oml as an example so i did my own and published in forge for who might need it later to save his/her time.

You can find it on forge named "Javascript_screenAction"