Public Functions returning old/cached results

Public Functions returning old/cached results

Hey All,

I am having an issue where a publicly exposed function is not returning expected results, and returns old results.

e.g. imagine a function in module A which returns data based on the current date. when I call this function from another module (B). Then the results returned are old results and not the expected current results from A.

When testing the function within A, the results I get are correct and as expected, however when the function is called from B the results are old results.  This is particularly tough when I have updated the code within the public function, as the new fields are empty/null.

I have updated the cache minutes to 0 with no improvements.
Did you republish the consumer eSpaces after the last change to the function's code? Maybe the consumers are still using a version of that function that has cache enabled, or a different way of calculating the results.
I had published and republished everything as much as was possible, but was still experienceing the issues. 

I did some reconfiguration of the application and removed common dependencies and cyclical dependencies ( i.e A -> B ->C -> A) which may have been causing the issues.

Not sure how those impacted functions which were published multple times without altering the data, but removing these interdependencies seemed to fix the application.