How do I get the image URL?


I a building an app that requires getting the URL of the "company logo" image, how do I generate the scrambled portion of the URL? Please see attached, thanks:
Hi Fadi,

I've never seen the platform generate such an URL. How did you find that? Typically, images are in the img/ directory of the eSpace that includes them.

How did you obtain this image? Is it a database image? Do you use multi-tenancy?
Hi Fady,

The only way that crosses my mind is to create an anonymous page with only an image widget pointing to the database, then creating a different page that does an http get of that page, scraps the html and redirects to it on preparation.

Tiago Simões
Hi Tiago,

Could you explain in which cases the platform generates an URL like that?
Hi Kilian,

When the image widget type property is database.

Tiago Simões
Ok, thanks.

@Fadi: I'd be interested to know the use case for needing the URL.
Thanks. @Kilian, My use case is to generete html that my users can embedd in other places, and for the design I need the image URL. What do you guys think is the best way to do that? 

@Tiago, have you done this before, is there a pre-built scraping method?


Not really sure, but I would probably use httprequesthandler geturl and then use a regexp to parse the results.

Tiago Simões
Tiago: is the URL stable? It seems Fadi needs a stable URL.
Yes, I believe it is.

Tiago Simões
If you create your own image download page, what you are asking for is pretty easy to accomplish. Otherwise the urls are not "stable".

Peek at the attachment - it should explain it. Let me know it you need more assistance.



Hi Tiago 

On one hand I have a website that contains a Faqs page, on another hand, I have an outsystems application that must read the faqs and display them on the outsystems application.

Hi Ruben,

You've posted to a topic that's over a year old, and it's completely unclear what you mean. Is it even related to this topic? If not, please start a new topic (which might be best even if it's related).