Hey Guys,

I'm new to this.

I have a website that uses .net MVC4 template simpleMembership for user authentication to access all relevante information. I already have the controllers created wich can be accessed as REST services with authentication. Is there a way that with outsystems platform to access the same user authentication through an API to access the REST services
Hi João,

By default the simpleMembership uses Forms authentication, that is not done by default on the platform.
  • that Basic Authentication is done by default, and it's easy to add it to a MVC4 simpleMembership application if that is an option
  • Even basic authentication with different credentials for each user is easy to do, just check my explanation how to do it here.

So for forms authentication you need to do it a little more work than with the basic authentication, it requires 2 requests:
  • One to login (by default in the template should be the Account controller), here you pass the username and password as a post with url encoded type and get a cookie back
  • Other to make the actual request and pass a cookie you got on the previous call

To read/write the cookies you can use either just input/outputs with the SendIn/RecieceIn set to Header.
Or do it using the OnBeforeRequest/OnAfterResponse callbacks.

João Rosado