How to make the Users Entity(System) to assume a ClientId

How to make the Users Entity(System) to assume a ClientId

Hi everyone,

I'm creating an aplication related with Vet Clinics Management where i have a Client Entity and than i have the Users Entity of the system.

How can i make the User Entity to register assuming a Client Id?

Thank you,
Tiago Gomes
Hi Tiago,

I'm not entirely sure what you mean, but the User entity has an External_Id attribute that you can use to store a unique Id from an external system, like the Vet Clinics Management Client Id. When a user logs in into OutSystems, you can query the User entity via the Session.UserId session variable, to retrieve the User record for the currently logged in user, and read the External_Id. Then you can use it to do whatever you need to do with it (like log in to the external system).
Ty for the reply Kilian.

Ive been using the user extend. The problem is trying to associate a client profile to a user account. When we try to create a user account the Client id goes throught but somehow it doesnt store the client id to that user created.
Like u can see in the screenshot the client id passes thorought.

Hi Tiago,

It seems that instead of using the External_Id field of the User table, you used the UserExtended table. This may be a good choice depending on your usecase, but it does need some extra work: when you store the UserExtended record, you must also programmatically set the UserId. The platform doesn't do that automatically!